Down Memory Lane

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1999 - Championship Show

Minor Puppy Dog - Alexval Van Cleef
Puppy Dog - Romaro Fun in the Sun with Walkon
Junior Dog - Britroys Royal Chase
Novice Dog - Sulez Bundesign
Post Graduate Dog - Manic Street Preacher
Limit Dog - Klanstead Out Of The Mist JW
Open Dog - Ch Kaotik Wish Me Luck
Special Solid Dog - Gerriough Mentobetoo
Veteran Dog - Ch Faerdorn Fineas Fogg
Minor Puppy Bitch - Kenbru in the Limelight
Puppy B - Sandyne Shooting Star Over Teandeeze
Junior Bitch - Boxwell Pure Red of Klanstead
Novice Bitch - Sulez Bundelicious
Debutant Bitch - Bohan Diamonds n Pearls
Graduate Bitch - Susancar Jen You Win
Post Graduate Bitch - Bucksteps Broderie Anglaise
Limit Bitch - Nateez Primero at Cherryside
Open Bitch - Ch Santonoaks Be Bop a Lula
Veteran Bitch - Glaswynd Strikes it Lucky
Dog CC & Bitch CC Winners
October 1996
The front cover of our CH Show Catalogue featuring Irene Thorpe & Jean Watson

1987 - September Open Show

Judge Miss J Grover (Ackendene)
Best In Show Baxters - Revluc Runemead
PGD Mrs N Grimshaw - Glenside Warlord
Laing/Grandfield Soctras Music Of The Night At Bontrapu
PM Mr & Mrs A Simpson - Flame Doree Of Hilthorn
PD Mr J R Burgess - Procrustean Player
JB Mr & Mrs Pugsly - Santonoaks Sweet Surprise 
PD Mr A Butters - Mindenwood Dancing Brave

1987 - January Open Show

TB Mrs J Cook - Faerdorn Just Good Friends
JD & RBD Mr D Simpson - Triglyph The Sorcerer
Christine Beardsell - Lynpine Sir Roger

1986 - September Open Show
Judge - Mrs N Slater

Best Puppy in Show
Mrs C Beardsell - Newlaithe Cachet
BIS Grimshaw's Glenside Vintage Wine
RBIS Tucker's Investigator at Abythorn
PD Mrs R Tucker - Investigator of Abythorn
Seager's Alfred Easter Kracker of Surkeen
Mrs V Stinton - Surfstone Madeline

Mrs G M Simpson
PB Mrs B Whitfield - Sontana Bask to Mac
PB Mrs M Tranter - Petoski Princess
Mrs S Butters Mindenwood Marishka
BPB Baxter's Revluc Runemead

1986 - January Open Show
Judge - Mr P Beardsell (Newlaithe)
MPD Mr & Mrs Hales - Pipes Of Peace
PD Mr J R Burgess - Procrustean Player

PB Mrs N Grimshaw - Glanside Vintage Wine
JD Mr D R P Carter - Bailiga Rigoletto of Holwell
PGD Mr A V & Mrs R M Peel - Esanar Ode To Billy Joe
NB Marion Granger
Mr & Mrs Simpson Triglyph Witchcraft

1985 - September Open Show
Judge - Mrs N Grimshaw (Glenside) - Special Puppy
Mrs V Rahder (Radavons) - Open Show

PB Mrs V Stinton - Surfstone Madeline
PD Mr D Carter - Bailiga Rigoletto of Holwell
Mrs G Fairbrother - Vaneck Zahlmeister
P Perret - Leideberge Robbie Charlton
Mrs M Granger - Vicalans Barbara Allan
Mrs J Cook - Wild Turkey of Tygarth
Mrs R Wright - Redfire Scotch Mist of Mallinson
Class 18 Novice Bitch - No info
Can you name the exhibitor?
Can you name the exhibitor on the left?
Left - J Cook - Wild Turkey of Tygarth
Puppy Sweepstake classes 
Can you name the exhibitors?

1985 - Can you name them?

1985 - Open Show
Judge - Mr John Busswell

MPD Rallings Zenmaxkay Happy Trooper
PD Peels Esanar Ode of Billy Jo
PM Foans Ymar Top Billing
MPD Fairhursts Scopas Selika
JD Beardsells Newlaithe Great System

1984 - Open Show
Judge -

Minor Puppy Dog - Mrs K S Wilberg
Kanix Scarlet Pimpernel
Puppy Dog - Mrs C Beardsell
Newlaithe Great System
Puppy Bitch - Mrs P Ingram
Tubworth Of The Crest at Bockendon
Novice Dog
Satelite Sport Of Kings
Post Graduate Bitch - Mrs S Green 
Blairmont Maid Of The Mist
Limit Bitch - Mrs G Fairbrother 
Vaneck Zauberfee

1981 - Open Show
Judge -

PD Winuwuk American
VD Brook &Ellingworths Doncleve Double Dee