Results October Championship 2015

Dog Judge: Amanda Jinks
Bitch Judge: Sue Golds
Referee: Maurice Webb

Judges Critique - Sue Golds Available HERE
Judges Critique - Amanda Junks Available HERE

DOG CC: Mair's CH Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld JW
RES DOG CC: Huggin's Daervlish All Because Of You JW
BEST PUPPY DOG: Mair's Glenauld The Entertainer
BITCH CC: Pynegar  Murray's Berwynfa Deja Vu 
RES BITCH CC: Pye's Willow Reach For The Stars At Burnden 
BEST PUPPY BITCH: Cook & Postance's Manic Heart Of Glass

BEST IN SHOW: CH Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld JW
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Daervlish All Because Of You JW
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Glenauld The Entertainer
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Very Attracted to Newlaithe

BEST IN SHOW & DOG CC                       BEST PUPPY IN SHOW





Minor Puppy Dog – 7 entries 
1st: Mair’s Glenauld The Entertainer (Ch Glenauld The Oracle x Glenauld Berry Naughty)
2nd: Henderson’s Taranut Stereotype (right)
3rd: Cairn’s Galicar Mac Steamy 
Res: Smith’s Lorrosa Mr Jones 
VHC: Copeland’s Kronos Frankie Knuckles 

Puppy Dog – 4 entries 
1st: Cairns, Groves & Hare’s Instinctive For Galicar (Int CH Primo Del Colle Dell’infinito x Jimbren Romance In The Dark At Galicar)
2nd: Taylor & Lay’s Latest Image At Wivendene (right) 
3rd: Cook & Postance’s Manic Heartbreaker 
Res: Humphries’s Kenbru Black Pearl For Chrisbanna 

Junior Dog – 7 entries (1Abs)
1st: Drinkwater’s Winuwuk Kiss Tag With Sulez (CH Maromad Kiss The Girls at Winuwuk x Sulez Seksy Chick at Winuwuk)
2nd: Kelly’s Casemates Dumbledore (right)
3rd: Carter’s Lullmire Adam Guessing at Susancar 
Res: Louis’s Rameleon Nights In Harlem 
VHC: McCarthy & Gething’s Jeddhi Heart Throb 

Yearling Dog – 6 entries 
1st: Watson & Crook’s Roylark Commander In Chief (More Mahem for Mylicam x Roylark Fatal Attraction)
2nd: Morison’s Jobaran Marathon Man to Xandene (right)
3rd: Cook & Postance’s Let Me Go to Manic 
Res: McArdle’s Wildax Lookin Good at Mcarmadale 
VHC: Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Bandit 

Novice Dog – 3 entries (1Abs)
1st: Murfin & Renshaw-Turner’s Farvalley Dark Knight (CH / Ir CH Winuwuk Lust At First Sight x Farvalley Sirocco’s Gift)
2nd: Beardsell & Van-Beck’s Newlaithe Bug On JW (right)

Debutante Dog – 4 entries 
1st: Payne’s Boxania Spice Innovation at Birleyvale (CH Norwatch Sunhawk Playmate x Boxania Saucy Spice)

2nd: Frary’s Tigalian Double Date At Wahieke
3rd: Hyde’s Rosshill Hot Shot 
Res: Wood’s Jantamel Flutes Trooper 

Graduate Dog – 7 entries 
1st: Smith’s Winuwuk Scouting For Girls at Lorrosa (CH Maromad Kiss The Girls at Winuwuk x Sulez Seksy Chick at Winuwuk)
2nd: Mullis’s Idleforde Prime Suspect (right)
3rd: Clayforth’s Casual Affair with Faerdorn 
Res: Taylor’s Newlaithe Leonardo JW
VHC: Sadler’s Taramark To Dare Is To Do 

Post Graduate Dog – 10 entries (1Abs)
1st: Mitchell’s Diceulon The Desperado with Winuwuk (CH Winuwuk The Outlaw x Isfields Pink Lady with Diceulon)
2nd: Revill & Blyton’s Verdendo Country N’Western (right)
3rd: Bell’s Surfstone No Nonsense 
Res: Pearce & Francis’s Berwynfa Blurred Lines with Longsdale 
VHC: Welch’s Newlaithe Trojan for Treju 

Limit Dog – 21 entries (6Abs)
1st: Huggin’s Daervlish All Because Of You JW (CH Walkon Okay Dokay with Lanfrese x Stellvana You Wear It Well for Manic)
2nd: Godwin’s Sultash Frankel (right)
3rd: Palmer’s Olleyville Billy Buck Blue via Palerty 
Res: Stewart’s Iandian Certain Kinda Charm by Boxyjen 
VHC: Pearce, Francis & Townshend’s Jenroy Moorcroft with Longsdale 

Open Dog – 12 entries (1Abs)
1st: Mair’s CH Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld JW (CH Designer Game at Glenauld x Carmondene Maitam Ziggy At Carmond)
2nd: Miller’s CH Walkon First Past The Post (right)
3rd: Pynegar & Murray’s CH Berwynfa Fully Loaded JW
Res: Pynegar & Murray’s CH Berwynfa Veni Vidi Vici JW
VHC: Jones’s CH Kevanor Federer 

Veteran Dog – 8 entries (2Abs)
1st: Feaver & Cormack’s Very Attracted To Newlaithe (CH Sleipnir Olaf The Stout x Newlaithe Attraction)
2nd: Wild’s Sarsbrook High Roller (right)
3rd: Peck’s Enesha Curly Wurly 
Res: Jordan’s Faerdorn Faegan at Sunvalley 
VHC: Cook & Postance’s CH Manic Gok Wan 

Minor Puppy Bitch – 11 entries (2Abs) 
1st: Miller’s Walkon Kiss And Canoodle 
(CH Maromad Kiss The Girls at Winuwuk x Walkon Celtic Connection)
2nd: Henderson’s Taranut Typescript (right)
3rd: Godwin’s Taranut Double Take at Sultash 
Res: Watson & Crook’s Roylark Scarlet Ohara 
VHC: Woolliss’s Boxania Jitterbug with Rameleon 

Puppy Bitch – 4 entries 
1st: Cook & Postance’s Manic Heart Of Glass 
(CH Jeddhi Roman Heart x Manic Real Thing)
2nd: Mair’s Glenauld Tasmin (right)
3rd: Mair’s Glenauld Trudy 
Res: Huxley’s Seacrest Beryl The Peril at Blixen 

Junior Bitch – 9 entries (2Abs)
1st: Huckerby & Dowell’s Top Totti for Norwilbeck Bellchime 
(CH Struck On You For Bellchime x Princess Mi Of Ring Gem) 
2nd: Godwin’s Lanfrese Cassini at Sultash (right)
3rd: Seeney’s Maranseen Illustrious 
Res: Stewart, Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Zig Zaga Fuzz Buzz via Boxyjen 
VHC: Kay’s Miofrey Morning Glory 

Yearling Bitch – 8 entries (2Abs)
1st: Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Deja Vu 
(Scooby V D Heidezoom vom Berwynfa dam Ch Berwynfa Bang Tidy)
2nd: Bank’s Sunhawk Norwatch Dream Time (right)
3rd: Flintoft’s Boxania Spice Inspiration 
Res: Cook & Postance’s Manic Faking It 
VHC: Chippendale’s Mylicam Moon Maiden 

Novice Bitch – 11 entries (5Abs)
1st: Murfin’s Farvalley Instant Love 
(CH/Ir CH Winuwuk Lust At First Sight x Farvalley Sirocco’s Gift)
2nd: Griffith’s Lanfrese Catwalk (right)
3rd: Clayforth’s Sunvalley Touching Wood with Tyslee 
Res: Spencer’s Ashronsha Dream Maker 
VHC: Bell’s Surfstone Blue Rocks 

Debutante Bitch – 3 entries 
1st: Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Kandy Krush 
(CH Berwynfa Veni Vidi Vici dam Berwynfa Eye Candy)
2nd: Wood’s Per Una from Newlaithe (right)
3rd: Frary’s Britesparke Miss Moonbeams over Wahieke 

Graduate Bitch – 9 entries (2Abs)
1st: Lott’s Britesparke Pretty Mona Mai 
(CH Newlaithe On Target x So Attractive By Newlaithe)
2nd: Flintoft’s Boxania Olympic Spice (right)
3rd: Hobson’s Allerz Maid In Black by Nickerbox 
Res: Mitchell’s Diceulon Pina Colada 
VHC: Edgeler’s Kezialeigh River Pageant 

Post Graduate Bitch – 13 entries (2Abs)
1st: Pye’s Willow Reach For The Stars at Burnden 
(Linncam Storymaker at Taranut x Burnden Bespoke)
2nd: Mckay’s Caljan Zoli Diamond (right)
3rd: Brook’s Jinnybrux Jaffa Cake 
Res: Palmer’s Olleyville Leading Lady at Palerty 
VHC: Jones & Charles’s First Star at Charlons 

Limit Bitch – 17 entries (1Abs)
1st: Miller’s Walkon First Class 
(Ch/Ir Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight x Ch Roamaro First Issue By Walkon)
2nd: Huggin’s Daervlish Miss Sarajevo (right)
3rd: McArdle’s Redmol Ina Pickle at Mcarmadale JW
Res: Taylor’s Pure Target with Newlaithe JW
VHC: Pye’s Burnden Limitless 

Open Bitch – 7 entries (2Abs)
1st: Griffith’s Ch Maybe at Lanfrese 
(CH Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese dam Lanfrese Allinclusive)
2nd: Pye’s Rebkai Secret Fortune at Burnden (right)
3rd: Beardsell & Van Beck’s Magic Wand over Newlaithe 
Res: Huckerby & Dowell’s CH Panabolo Specially for Norwilbeck Bellchime 
VHC: Griffith’s CH Lanfrese Kepi D’elle 

Veteran Bitch – 9 entries 
1st: Stewart’s Ch Berwynfa Bom Chicka Wah Wah For Boxyjen
(CH Berwynfa Bulletproof dam Berwynfa All Torque At Cascorike)
2nd: Beardsell & Van Beck’s CH Galicar Designed For Looks by Newlaithe (right)
3rd: Lott’s So Attractive by Newlaithe 
Res: Edgeler’s Bartlans Bridled Passion for Kezialeigh 
VHC: Swansborough’s Boxateil Toucan Talk 


Results May Open 2015


Special Puppy Judge - Miss Helen Griffin
Best Special Puppy in Show: Seacrest Lily The Pink
Reserve Best Special Puppy in Show: Newlaithe Bug On


L - Newlaithe Bug On & R - BSPIS Seacrest Lily The Pink

Judges critique available here

Class Winners 
Special Puppy 6-8 Months Dog (2) - Instinctive for Galicar
Special Puppy 8-10 Months (4) - Newlaithe Bug On
Special Puppy 10-12 Months (1 / 1 Abs) 
Special Puppy 6-8 Months Bitch (3 / 1 Abs) - Seacrest Lily The Pink
Special Puppy 8-10 Months (5 / 1 Abs) - Cilemm Queen Isabella at Mejeric (Imp)
Special Puppy 10-12 Months (1 / 1 Abs) 

Open Show Judge - Mrs Fiona Neilson



Best In Show: 
Berwynfa Fully Loaded JW
Reserve Best in Show: 
Magic Wand over Newlaithe
Best Puppy in Show: 
Farvalley Instant Love
Best Veteran in Show: 
Mejeric Make A Wish

Judges critique available here

Class Winners
Minor Puppy Dog (4) - Jeddhi Heart Throb
Puppy Dog (3) - Rameleon Nights in Harlem
Junior Dog (5) - Berwynfa Bandit
Novice Dog (3) - Roylark Stripe It Lucky
Post Graduate Dog (11) - Newlaithe The Fugitive RBD
Limit Dog (4) - Newlaithe Fast'n Furious
Open Dog (2) - Berwynfa Fully Loaded JW

Minor Puppy Bitch (5) - Farvalley Instant Love
Puppy Bitch (5) - Miofrey Morning Glory
Junior Bitch (5) - Mylicam Moon Maiden
Novice Bitch (5) - Kevanor Dancing Diva
Post Graduate Bitch (13) - Redmol Ina Pickle at McArmadale JW RBB
Limit Bitch (4) - Mylicam Waltzing Matilda JW
Open Bitch (2) - Magic Wand over Newlaithe
Veteran Dog or Bitch (6) - Mejeric Make A Wish

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